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Mitey Fresh Carpet, Mattress, Lounge Cleaning

At Last - Good news for asthma and allergy sufferers!

Mitey Fresh team searches out and removes the cause of allergies and asthma - the polluting weight of dust mites, dust mite allergens, pollen, dust, animal hair (also known as dander) and grit hiding deep in your carpets, mattresses and furnishings.

... a unique treatment

Mitey Fresh uses an advanced filtration system, high frequency agitation with commercial strength vacuum and at the same time it uniquely cleans the air. Completely thorough, yet so gentle we actually rejuvenate your valuable furnishings. No steam, moisture or chemicals.

... that gives your home a wonderful atmosphere of health and cleanliness

"We all flet much better" - Antonia Williams, Sydney Morning Herald

"Our premises must be completely free of llergy causing particles - that's why we rely on Mitey Fresh" - Allergy Services, Chatswood

"The medical centre was exceptionally well presented. patients commented on the aromatherapy" - Dr G. Markezinis, Family Medical Centre, Ashfield

"Mitey Fresh has made an enormous difference to my comfort" - Mrs Michelle M, Seaforth

"I would recommend your service to anyone, especially those suffering from allergies" - Michelle, Northbridge

"Many of the things people try may not have a great effect. thses include chemical sprays and normal vacuum cleaning" - The Children's Hospital, Westmead

"Conventional vacuum cleaning is not only unlikely to eliminate Der p 1 (dust mite droppings) but also actually increase the airborne levels" The Lancet, 1990 - Allergy Control Unit, Wythenshawe, Manchester, UK

... and saves you money!

Mitey Fresh actually saves you money by rejuventaing your carpets, furnishings and mattresses, giving them a much longer life. Our finishing 100% natural aormatherapy treatment will leave your home and furnishings with the atmosphere of health and harmony.

$35.00 per unit

Quantity for hire: Multiple
$35.00 per unit

Location: Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales

Areas serviced: pickup only

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Our charges are agreeably small.
Carpets - $42 (UN) to $54 (furnished) per room
Deep, thorough clean removing dust mites, pollen, dust, animal hair and grit. Most furniture is moved, along skirting boards and even walk-in robes. No chemicals or moisture, only 100% pure aromatherapy blends permeating around the room giving your home a wonderful atmosphere of health and harmony.
Not only carpets, mattresses, lounges and soft furnishings.
Mattresses - Single mattress $36 to King $95.
Dust mites, dead skin and dust extracted from 7 cms down. We sanitize both sides with a unique blend of 100% natural essential oils.

Lounges - $31 per seat
Thorough removal of dust, animal hair and grit hiding deep in the fabric and nooks and crannies. 100% pure aromatherapy blends complete the treatment leaving valuable furnishings looking and feeling like new.

Rugs - from $20
We remove dust mites, pet hair, dust and ground-in dirt from both sides using high frequency vibration.

Ideal service for residential, commercial properties including motels, medical centres, doctor’s surgeries, restaurants.

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